Hey guys, Amelia here, and I would like to welcome you to Chatterbox! I am Amelia, 

And I'm Tiffany the crazy one that posts way too much........(ha!)

Hey ya!, It’s Charlotte

Anyway, Chatterbox is where any of us can let you know about anything you want, so stay in touch! Also, I think me and Tiff are going to stick to uploading here once a month, and then randomly posting about one subject throughout. The subject will change on the first of every month!

Hi guys, it’s Amelia!

I love to travel and I travel LOADS with my family and I was wondering, Tiff, if you could only travel to one more place, where would it be?

Oh easy!,
 I'd go to Fiji to live and work there as its such a friendly place.
Where would you move to live ?


Never Have I ever,                       Even though I had the chance too.

Mine is Been to a concert (like a pop singer or band)
What's yours girls?










3 thoughts on “Chatterbox

  1. hey guys it is Andrea i am from Canada. Tiff commented on my blog and i thought i would exchange the favor. i was wondering if you guys have ever been ti Canada and if so whee did you go and if not where have you ever wanted to go in Canada.


    1. Nope I don’t think any of us have been to canda But Amilea might have….
      And Of corese I want to go to canda I want to vist every country Thats you can!


    2. Hi Andrea!
      I haven’t actually, which is a real shame, because it seems like an AWESOME place to go visit! Maybe myself and Tiff could make the next theme travel? XO Amelia!


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