A day in the life of me.

Sadly I don’t know anyway that I can make this into a list, So I’ll have to do it the long-winded way…

I usually wake up at about 7:30 ish (Home schooled remember?)
I then have a fast and simple breakfast of fruit toast with butter and my antihistamine tablet that I have to take for my hay-fever.
By then Charlotte, Mum and dad will be up so I spend some time on my PC, normally I wright a post or read books on Wattpad in-till mum tells us to start our school work.
(We usually start with Maths)
Most days we finish our school work by lunch-time this way we have the rest of the day off!  And in the afternoons we have scouts or other activities.
Our bed time is 9pm but sometimes we watch a movie with dad or are working on some project so we stay up later.

And that’s it!, If you have any theme suggestions or if you have any questions about anything just feel free to ask in the comments 🙂
Till next time…



P.S. This is our logo at the moment do you like it?, Any suggestions for change on the ‘looks’ of this website?.




Things you don’t know about Gem (yet)

Hi guys, here are some things you probably don’t know yet about me…

  1. I love reading books to my little brother, Charles (even though he is lazy and annoying)
  2. History fascinates me- especially family history
  3. I love sewing and many other types of crafting. I love going to fabric shops- they are my kind of paradise
  4. I sometimes get very shy when it comes to meeting new people(last year a new student came into our class and I was supposed to show her around but I was so nervous that someone else had to do it)
  5. I used to have braces. Once I broke them eating bread and another time eating cake. I only broke them once eating something hard (it was a lolly).

Thanks for reading! Hopefully something was of interest to you!


Things you probably don’t know about me….

So the theme of the week is things you dont know about me, and I have no clue what to write for that, so here we go…

1. I speak French (not fluently but enough to have a conversation)

2. I have impeccable timing for injuries, for example: falling off a stage, ending up in a moonboot, one day before school holidays, which healed the day before I went back to school the following fortnight

3. I also have two lambs named Squidge and Aries, who are 3 weeks (2?) old

So sorry, but I’m absolutely knackered and can’t think of anything at the moment, I (hopefully) will post more next week…

Til next time

Lottie 1


Apparently I have to post….

So I’ve not been felling to well so I’ve given my sister (Tiffany) some things that you may or may knot know about me.

Hey Tiffany here,

I was told that if I wanted a post by ‘her’ then I would have to type it myself. So here I am doing just that. She didn’t really give me much to type/wright about so I’ll just use her five ish things……   (in a list of coarse)

  • Poppy and Clover 
  • Princess Blossom
  • Cheeky Chubby Chops
  • K.C. 
  • Kauri 
  • Tiara Tea-tree (or just Tiara)
  • Cookie 
  • 8 This is the number of rabbits that we own (as above)
  • I’m Horse CRAZY, oh wait you already know that…
  • I hate brussel sprouts, doesn’t everybody? 

And that’s her list I’ll try and get her to ‘post’ more often 🙂



Oh and,



Random stuff about this person

Sooooo… 5 things you don’t know about me. Mostly I just looked around my bedroom at stuff and then made it in to a fact. I’m creative. (Should I count that as a fact)

1. I have a whole wall covered entirely with horse posters. I have 24 posters and I get 4 from the magazine each year. Yup. I’m proud.

2. I don’t like to wear make up cause its so annoying to keep looking decent and it feels so ew

3. I never do my homework in the afternoon. I always wake up early the next morning to do it. And then I sleep through my alarm.

4. Pianos annoy me. Not listening to them just playing then. They just seem to have no structure whatsoever and there’s so many keys you could play. I mean that might just be me and my delusions but eh

5. I love speed! Hopefully I can go on these drift karts maybe as a late birthday thing but they look awesome and when the nitro circus came to NZ they not only went on them once but 4 times!

So there you have it. 5 kinda boring facts about me. If I was talking to your face I would probably give you an awkward thumbs up. Haha

Until next time my friends

sophie 1

5 Things you don’t know about me.

This weeks theme is as the title says “5 Things you don’t know about me.”
It means I yet have another excuse to make a list 🙂
(I like to make lists that should be number 1)

  1. I Love to make lists, Its an easy way to get the message across to the person reading because you can write out your items then list them in order of importance.
  2. I Like to spend time with little kids as I would like to be a preschool teacher if I can’t be a dancer teacher or……
  3. A Flight Stewart for the NZ Air Force, I mean free flights all over the globe!, work 1/2 the year and get paid for a hole year! This would be awesome!
  4. I still spend a lot of time playing with teddy’s and dolls, playing dress up and making huts.
  5. I read A LOT of books in real life and online with eBooks and on watt-pad cos I’ve exhausted the locale library’s.    (I am a very fast reader)

SO whats your little thing that even some of your closer friends don’t know about you?.
Remember please don’t be a silent reader, leave a comment or like this post.  We will respond so don’t be afraid to ask.  If you have any them ideas or just want to say hi that would make our day!




BB’s backpack:

Um… what do I write.

I take the normal things such as tolietrees (can’t spell it and auto correct only came up with singletrees). I took earplugs to Jamboree to block snorers and worse.

To those who have read Gems post, Charles and I are not that bad (tried to think of the worst boy names for my brother). Gem definitely exaggerated the extremes she would go to so she didn’t have to share a tent. Mum and Dad don’t even want her to.


Gem’s Travel List

Hi guys,

I usually just pack the normal stuff, clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries and so on. I don’t do anything special, except I sometimes overpack.

When our family goes camping(which we do a lot, especially in Summer) we load our car up until it’s bursting and hook our trailer tent on the back. Our trailer tent is pretty cool. When it’s on the trailer it’s quite compact, but then we put it up and it’s big enough for the whole family to sleep in.

Even though there is the room I set up my little one man tent and sleep in that. It means I can get away from my little brother and sister! I think that hitting my head on the roof of the tent when I sit up is a good price to pay to have my own lodgings.

On long car trips, our car is usually bursting. We bring lot’s of games and books with us on top of all our gear. Recently we’ve found that it’s good to have a map of the region so that we have an idea of where we are. I took one down to Jamboree and the girl next to me on the bus kept wanting to look at it. My map is now way more crumpled than BB’s.

Hopefully this has been useful!


School holidays

So I have no idea what the subject for this week’s post is, so I’ll just improvise….. Well, it’s school holidays, but I can’t believe they are nearly over! It’s feels like only yesterday I was getting off the bus preparing in my mind a list of all the things I’m gonna do in the holidays (I didn’t actually get anything done though), *sad sigh*  I wish the holidays were longer, two weeks go by sooo fast, sadly, and at times like this the saying ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ seems so true

I have writer’s block at the moment and can not think of anything at all to write so I guess I’ll just sign off now….

Anyway thanks for reading, so sorry it’s so short…

Lottie 1