let’s back track…..Scouts….

You have probably noticed that a lot of my posts have had something to do with Scouts, so lets back track and I will try to help you understand…

OK so.. when we say “Scouts” we mean the BOY SCOUTS (not girl guides!).                               Because New Zealand was the first  country to let girls join boy scouts, so now its just “Scouts”.

More about the history of Scouts Here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scouts_New_Zealand   (Because this is not history class)

Back to our story….

When I was just finished with play centre (one type of NZ kindergarten), my dad saw a poster for the local scout troop. Then my dad took to me to a Kea session (5-7½ years) and we both loved it. So when I had to “bring a friend” for a session, I brought Summers big brother, Bob (and his dad ). As Summer, BB and Charlotte were still at play centre for 2 more years… And both our dads became Kea leaders.

When BB, Summer and  Charlotte finished play centre they joined Keas too but by then we had moved up to cubs (7½-10½ years). Gem started Keas too, about a 8 months before she moved to cubs too.

Buy now we have Gem, me and Bob all doing cubs, and Summer,BB and Charlotte doing Keas. All of our dads became leaders in Keas and Cubs.

When the Cubs moved up to Scouts (10½-16 years) the Keas moved up to Cubs (but they soon joined us at Scouts too).  At Scouts we do this thing ever 3 years, Its called Jamboree   and they are like a huge camp with 4500 scouts attending, more about that here.


Bob and I went to the 20th NZ Jamboree with his dad as a leader (my dad stayed a Kea and Cub leader.), It was awesome but not as good as the Australian jamboree !! (Bob and I went with summers parents but summer stayed in a hotel with her mom and my cousins parents)     more about that here


By then BB, Summer and Charlotte were in Scouts, but they and Gem had not qualified for the Australian jamboree.

Another thing our scout troop does every year is a security sleepover at the local A and  P show grounds we just walk around it as they have tents up allready for the A and P show.  This is always loads of fun. It’s realy just a very big sleepover, we get to stay up to midnight and get lots of sweets 🙂

It was at one of these A and P shows that we met Amelia we then saw her at Gems 11th birthday party we became fast friends, and she soon joined Scouts, though she quit earlier this year.

And now to the present…

I’m about to head out to a ballet class and then to another A and P show sleepover tonight, This will be the first year  (If you don’t count the very first one) that Amelia won’t be there . But I do totally understand that because if my parents had let me quit then I would have quit back when I was a new Scout…. and would have never gotten to go to Australian jamboree… (so thanks Mum and Dad)

I have to go now, more later..






Never mind I haven’t gone cray-cray

Sorry about the last post I realise that it might have been a bit blunt, so to “brake the ice I’m going to put up a lot of “LOL RABBITS” here and on the lol page.

So cheek it out at the top of this page…

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Image result for lol rabbits

Image result for lol rabbits

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Image result for lol rabbits

Image result for lol rabbits

Image result for lol rabbits

Image result for lol rabbits

Image result for lol rabbits

Image result for lol rabbits


These are my favourite because rabbits are my favourite animal (having 4 myself and looks at getting 2 more…)  🙂 sew cuite.

What’s your fav animal?





Books, Time and Quotes

I’M BACK…… with a new look on life (sort of)……


They are a wonderful way of relaxing and learning, but they have some drawbacks as well ..

Over the last few weeks I have been reading the “Girl online” series they are so cool with a bit of romance and lots of sightseeing (Zoella can describe things very well).

But that’s not the point ….

Reading books takes a lot of time, and there are lots of things to be done in life. So the best thing I have done to fix thins little ‘problem’ is use audio books, then I can Minecraft or do the washing at the same time.  You could do lots of things if you have it on your phone just put it in your headphones and maby go on a walk or ride your bike…..                                        (I went down to the ice cream shop )


Image result for time quotes

Image result for time quotes

You can never have enough  of it but then you can make it by putting down that book or mine craft and just making something, going over to a friends house instead of using a kind of media or email….

The best things in life will be the things you nearly turned down…

Like tonight instead of staying home to play on my pc or re read a book that I have borrowed from Amelia , I’m going with my family to see the lantern festival in Auckland domain with some family friends from Auckland  city…  we will get to see Asian puppet shows and there Big lanterns  plus tonight they have a huge firework show, we see it every year and it all ways make others that I have seen look like ones that my Nana could do (no offence Nana)

So back to the point…

Time, it’s something that you have only so much of, use it wisely.  If you think that the best way is to read books to pass time, when you should be doing home work. I have your back on that because there are more things out there that matter more than your grades,  like this…

In our modern world, education and grades take a top priority in the lives of many students. However, it's important to remember these 10 things that matter more than grades.

The lady teen that wrote/ made this seems very nice,  Even if her blog has some spelling and grammar mistakes it’s still read able and very pleasant to read 🙂

cheek it out at


I hope my posts are just like that….                                                                                                            (yes I can’t spell for the life of me, but what would I do with out spell cheek…)  🙂

Whats your favourite thing to do to past time?