Hay ya,

I’m Charlotte and I’m (at the moment) Camping with my sister (Tiffany) and our mum and dad.

We have been all over the south Island, mostly Christchurch, Hammer Springs and other places which names I have forgotten….

The one thing I wanted to do is horse riding and we have not found a nice place to do it yet and we are on the last day ( “Yes!!”, says Tiffany ).

Tomorrow we drive up to Piton for the inter islander fairy trip over to the north island, Then drop dad off at the Airport and slowly head back home ….





Car Trip Bordom Busters


Its never a good thing …..

My mum says that, “Only boring people get Bored.”

I have never understood this, so if you want could you tell me in the comments?

But then I have had only one person look at this website and that was me,  before I signed in at Jamboree… there is only one way of finding that out ……. google it!!!

so back to the topic Bordom Busters!!!

Its never fun to gust sit and watch the senary for to long so there has to be some thing to do right?,

So I’ve found all these cool thing to do on line and in my brain….(yes I have one  🙂  )

Find the Alphabet

Spot each letter of the alphabet, in order, on any form of text outside the car. Play as a team or individually—the first person to get to “z” wins!

Photograph Signs

Take a picture of every wacky road sign you pass. Make it a competition to see who can snap shots of the most signs. Give extra points to really weird signs.

“I Spy”

Play “I Spy” with physical and cultural characteristics you see as you travel. First, look around and silently pick a characteristic that everyone will be able to see. Say: “I spy with my little eye . . .” Then describe the characteristic and have your family members take turns trying to guess what you see.

Mark a Map

Bring a large map on family road trips. Use a highlighter to mark each road you take as you travel.

Make a Story

in this game each person has a go making 2 sentences of a story,   you can start it any way you want but when that person is done the next person has a go continuing the story when its back to the first person you can start a new one or continue. the story gets very funny and hard to understand. if you want you could have some one right it all down.
Right now I’m in our car stuck,  in a STOPPED queue!.

As there has been a car crash and the cops have stopped the traffic, we have been here for 1/2 an hour and they are working fast but we are not expected to get out for the next 1/2 hour…   😦


well now it’s my sisters turn with the PC so…



Bounce, Bounce, Bounce….

….On the rainbow bouncy thing that is at the Timaru Top Ten.

(which is where we are staying)

this place is sew cool*

we are a short walk from it but I haven’t had much time to use it,  as mum and dad have been dragging Charlotte and I from museum to museum…

but the fact that yes it is ‘summer’ but down here they don’t get much of a ‘summer’ so its poring down with rain and our camper is soaking wet, although the beds are pulled of the walls so they don’t get to wet.

The one thing that got all wet is dads shoes…

…which Marea used last night and then left in the poring rain (they where floating in a puddle when we woke up 🙂

we will be back in the North Island on the 31 of January then we may take 3-4 days in-till we are back at home, with my friends and a real bed!!!.

the first thing I plan to do is have a big sleepover with Summer, Amelia, Gem and BB ,

(that is if my mum will let me )

well now we have just had hot cross buns for supper and I want to go to bed soon as I have been getting to bed at like 10:00pm and getting up at 6:30am for like the past month!!!

I will be setting up a photos page for us to put things on,   so please stay tuned (no not on the TV, but you know what I mean…)



P.S. I use the word ‘sew’ instead of ‘so’ sometime as its a fun play on words that I got from ‘Sew Zoey’ a cool book series that I have been reading.


Camping ( after all the rumble comes the cool)


And I’m back….

well to start of with that heading probably made no sense whatsoever

so I will explain…

“after all the rumble”

this is refuting to all the little earthquakes that we felt at jamboree

“comes the cool”

I was in the bus with all the other kids in my troop but are now camping with my parents (the others are all ready home) so now all is quite and the wind is having a go at the washing, so its pretty cold here.

yea so I’m now camping with my parents, we are in hammer springs

we left the troop 4 days ago and will travel around the south island  in till the first of feb

well I have to get to bed




I wrote this on my new chrome book that I got for Christmas from my dad


Jamboree day 6

Today Has been awesome , I went to the piton base.

I learned to make  survival bracelets

survival-bracelet and then went on and climbing wall and did some abseiling down it (loads of fun)

then put on a show with the help of the gang show people (its on youtube and face book right now)

we are about to have dinner and then I am going to have a good sleep as I am nackered even though I dont show It (I’m very good at that )



P.s I found this cute / sad thing on this pc





Jamboree day 5

Hi guys,

Here we are (at the new Zealand 21st scout jamboree)

who is we you ask ?

well “we”  are

Tiffany, Charlotte Summer , BB and Gem

so far we have done some awesome things like

  • go in a helicopter
  • do some radio hunts
  • shoot guns
  • play with friends
  • meet new people
  • see old friends
  • party at the new years party      (Its 2017 people!!!)

we have had loads of  fun with lots more to come 🙂

over the next few days we should hear some of Gem and BB maby some of Amelia too