Sorry can’t post this week.

Sorry i'm not posting


Sophie’s Favourite Word!

Hey guys! It’s my first time posting here so hopefully I do a decent job!

Since I’ve never really thought about this I decided to consult a trusty friend (Google) and found this.

Image result for cool words

Not exactly what I was looking for.

After half an hour I finally thought of a word.


I chose this word because I’m musical and specifically a drummer. Rhythm is obviously a huge thing in music to fit instruments together and make a song that sounds good. Also because so many things are in rhythm like heart beats and breathing and waves.

Hope you guys liked my first blog post!

sophie 1

My Favorite Word

Yes you read that right, I mean ‘word’ as in like ‘fabulous’ and ‘tasty’.

I got this Idea from Gem and BB’s mum, as she likes to have her favourite word in salt dough letters hanging above her couch.

I like this idea of having a ‘adjective’ that describes how you feel on that day or time, A bit like nail polish or emoji’s 🙂

This is mine,


It’s a cross between glitter or sparkles, with that little bit of fantastic.

What’s yours?

My Wish; That you will all have a ‘glimmertastick’ day



Ps. BB, If you want we should be able to talk to our ‘rents about you coming with us to snow plant to learn to ski so you could come to the mountain with us?

It’s BB!

I would like to:

  • Go to France (very unlikely)
  • Go to the snow
  • Not have to share my room anymore, or at lest get a wall in between us.
  • Get a pet turkey
  • Turn 12

2 or 3 will probably not


Hey guys, it is Amelia, and it is my turn to tell you my top 5 things I want to get done by the end of the year, so here they are!

  1. Perfect my drumming- drumming is really important to me so I want to get really good!
  2. Get into a band- at my high school, music is a BIG thing, so finding a band would be great, so I can do Battle of the Bands (rockquest) next year!
  3. Get this blog to 100 likes- you guys can help!
  4. Start a youtube channel- it has been something I have wanted to do for a long time, my inspo is Zoella!
  5. Get to speak about my high school towards the end of the year- this a speech done by year nines to the year eights and their families that are going to come to that high school!

    So there have I guys, my big dreams and aspirations! I have a few more, but Tiff said to stick to five! I hope that this little blog is a good end to your working week, and goodbye xx


5 things from Gem

Hi, Gem here. I am going to tell you 5 things I want to do by the end of the year.

  1. Self- publish one of my stories as a book
  2. Get better at improvising in drama
  3. Build a bigger, better and more waterproof shelter for my calves
  4. Get used to going to college (in America I believe it is called high school)
  5. Be able to do press ups

I have a few more but I think that’s enough for today.

Thanks for reading!



5 Things

So this weeks theme is “5 things I want to do before this year is up.”

Hear is mine….

  1. Do my first ballet solo on stage at my ballet schools end-of-year-show.
  2. Take airal silks classes.
  3. Get more rabbits and build them a better cage.
  4. Sew myself a dress
  5. Finish sewing on all my scout badges onto my scout blanket.

That’s only a little bit of the things that I have to do this year…..

Whats this year looking like for you?

My Wish; That every one can do their lists before Xmas 🙂


PS. Charlotte is haveing trubbles posting at the moment as we have forgoten her password ……

The weirdo in our garden!

One morning a couple of years ago (when I was a wimp), I was outside leaving out food for fluffy, the (stupid and ugly tiger) cat, I heard a noise…

At first I thought it was fluffy because he hadn’t come yet but it was to strange. I was a little confused and set off back to our house, on my way I came across Myrtle my sister.

“did you hear me,”she asked

“When,” I said

“I called to you,” Myrtle replied.

I had more funny stories but think I already told you guys.



The Silly Prank…..

Hear is mine…..

So once it was after skiing at Mt Ruapehu a visitor came to visit our lodge and the teenagers were hogging the games room so we decided to play a little prank on them. Bobs L and P can was sitting on the basin in our room and we decided that we would mix tooth past and water and tip it into the L and P can. Then we get a inasaint little kid to deliver it to the games room to the teenagers, the teenagers took one sip and through it out the window. But they didn’t get out of the games room. Oh well,it was funny…

That’s my “funny” story, Have you ever played a silly prank on some one you don’t know?