Hey ya!, my name’s Tiffany, and I made this blog for my friends and I because not all of us where allowed to use social media.
I love to dance I used to take classical ballet at the nearby dance school I was doing the “R-A-D intermediate of classical dance” But I’m moving on for now..

I also do Scouts with my friends.  My troop is a bit more strict then most and we do some things the “old fashioned way”
This is rather weird but scouts is still hugely fun the others that do scouts is: Charlotte, Summer, Gem and BB
I’ve also recently taken on Gang show witch is a part of Scouting you can checkout the website for that here
I also like to do art (painting,drawing,colouring,card making,sculpting and weaving)
I have Rabbits they are living in a big run with plenty of shelter in our back yard but mind that we have a 1 acre front yard and 1/2 acre back yard. So yep my rabbits have about a 1/2 acre to run about 🙂 I’ll tell you about them in my favourite way – a list!

  • Poppy– a 2 year old lop. White with huge black and brown splotch on her butt, the sister to Clover and mother of Cheeky and Princess. Can be very ski-dish and moody!
  • Clover– a 2 year old lop. White with brown ears the brother to Poppy and Father to Cheeky and Princess. Is our most relaxed and will let almost anyone pet or pick him up.
  • Princess Blossom– a white albino lop rabbit with a lot of attitude!
  • Cheeky Chubby Chops– a white albino lop rabbit accidental to his sister Princess, Named by BB.
  • Kauri– a Mini lop with golden brown ears and a golden brown splotch on her butt like Poppy. has big mood swings that goes from: ‘come on cuddle me!’ to ‘go away!’
  • K.C.– a Mini lop with brown all the way up her ears and a golden brown stripe down her but with two brown dots on ether side of her butt. Sister to Kauri and Tiara. very sassy!
  • Tiara Tea tree– a Mini lop with golden brown 3/4 way up her ears, also has the same markings on her butt like her sister K.C.   Other sister is Kauri
    She is my favourite.

My Room

Let’s start with the size and shape;
It’s a big rectangle
like this…
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              |
|                                              ||

At the top you see a indent this is a window (that’s the right proportion) it has big thick long to the floor red,black and gold curtains. All of our curtains are the same and believe me we have a lot!  The blue marks are where our 2 HUGE glass ranch sliders are yes our room is an old double garage that has been remade with the big glass sliders a back door 2 windows and carpet. It has a access into a bathroom normally used for the double upstairs bedroom.  (that’s our guests room)
The light purple bits on the right side are a window too and underneath this window we have our big black set of metal shelf’s that we have turned into a make-shift closet and bed side tables because my bed is in the top right hand corner and because the shelf’s are so long we wouldn’t have space for a real bedside table too.  Charlotte’s bed is at the other end of the black shelf’s so she too can use it as a bedside table.
(where the neon green bit is)
You will also see two browney red marks at the bottom, these are where the two doors are, the one on the left connects into the foyer and the on the right goes into the stairwell and into the small bathroom. In between the two doors we have a small space of wall before some tiles underneath the right door and the back door. (the double lines) On this small space of wall we have a big floor to ceiling book self that is PACKED with new and old books. On the left of the left door their is another space of wall of witch we have a desk with glass shelving on top of it.
(we have another of the exact same thing in the top left corner)
At the end of Charlotte’s bed we have a set of oak drawers that’s older than my ‘rents! It also has a matching dresser that had a huge fancy mirror but that broke one time when we where moving so we never got to use it 😦
In-between the two glass sliders their is another small space of wall on this we had a basic long mirror. But the other day a truck drove past when they where fixing the road,
(I think they where compacting the stones as its a gravel road)
and the string that was holding it to the hock broke from all the rattling around and it fell to the floor with a mighty crash! It broke into 3 big pieces of witch we had to brake down to get it into the bin.   😦    So at the moment we have no mirror’s in our room and it’s really hard to do my long hair!

That’s about it…


This is my funny/ crazy story ……

This was back when I was about 6-8 (I can’t quite remember),

I was at my cousins place (lets call him Bob) And they had just moved to there new place in Auckland, Just out side of their new place was a small Play Gym It didn’t have much but it did have a set of wavy monkey bars with Bob and I like to swing on lots.

one time we where swinging along when I lost my grip and went flying into his face making him come down with me. And it must have looked Wong cos this old lady was walking past and she said “Ew get a room would you!”.

After we had picked our self’s up we walked back home to tell our parents what happened and when we told our ‘rents what the old lady had said they just laughed!

We did not get this in-till two years ago when our ‘rents told us what happened at Xmas.

That has to be my worst moment with any of my cousins I have done other crazy stuff with my friends but I’ll leave that for another day……

Anyways I’m off to find out how I can get my hands on some ed sheeren tickets for when he comes to NZ 🙂


Never Have I Ever…..

I have

Skied on a mountain

Eat sand and play dough by the cup load  (in preschool)

Broken a bone (more like shattered one)

performed in front of 11 thousand people (At Australian Scout Jamboree 2016)

I Have Never…….

been to School

Owned a dog or cat   (But I do have 4 rabbits.)

Owned a Phone

Drunk Coffee and liked it (EWWWWW!!!)

That is all of it but if you like this cide of game we are all going to try it soon soon 🙂