Christmas Is Here

As I was making lunch today with Charlotte, we where talking about how fast Xmas was coming as, its only (according to google Santa tracker) only 2 days 3 hours and 52 min!!

Christmas is my favourite time of year (aside from my birthday ).

This year after Christmas day lunch we are leaving for jamboree in the south Island of New Zealand.

We meet of friends (including Summer, Gem, BB and lots more of my friends ) at the site as before hand we help out mum and dad set up at the pine valley pod.

Then after our 10 and 1/2 day jamboree we have a after camp going around the south island

Then my family(and Gem , BB’s and Summer’s) continue with our travels and the rest of the scout troop go back home…

Its going to be a long holiday as well as LOADS OF FUN!!!!!!!

This is my third Jamboree as I went to the last NZ jamboree it was at Manfeild Park, Feilding, New Zealand between 28 December 2013 and 6 January 2014.

Then I went to the OZ Jamboree in cataract scout park sidney NSW  in 2016

Well now I have my grandad over for Christmas dinner so I have to go






Hi there!

Big news, another friend is going to join us and blog on this site and she will be coming to Jamboree with us. In like just 6 days!!! We can’t wait !!!!!

Introducing Summer, and now over to her …… Tiffany  🙂

Hi I’m Summer

I love hanging out with my friends and having amazing sleepovers. I play touch and netball and I am involved in lots of things like Scouts which is fun.

I like to bounce on the trampoline and play with Lego (I have lots of it) 

I have on annoying brother (he is an idiot) and  lovely mum and dad  🙂






Hi guys it is Amelia and I am finally on! See you guys soon with some new blog posts from me and my friends! Also check out my personal site:!

Thanks again

Love and Hugs…..amelia

Today we saw.

  • An actual person with sparkles on her skin,
  • Mr and Mrs Claus,
  • 3 ice skaters,
  • 4 snowmen,
  • 5 reindeer,
  • 6 shining stars(on the ground)
  • 7 snow crystles,
  • 8 point dancers,
  •  9 ginger bread girls,
  •   10 jingle bells
  • and 14 elves!!!!!

If you didn’t notice She was talking about Tiffany’s ballet show we went to see this afternoon…….




P.S BB, it is spelt ‘pointe’ (Amelia)



Its Christmas time in (the country)

I totally just made that up!!
Oh, sorry you don’t know who I am yet.

Well I’m Tiffany, and I have just started this site for my friends and I. Because we aren’t all allowed a social media so I thought “why not make one”, so I did (sort of).

Its run like a blog, but there are several people posting on it…

  • Tiffany (me)
  • Charlotte
  • BB
  • Gem
  • Amelia

and maybe later on we will have others:)


I have a rather big collection of silly songs including these for Christmas time

just like this one…

Up on the house top, Christmas lights

Poor old dad is scared of heights

Give him a ladder, watch the fun

Somebody better go yell for mum.

Ho ho ho he’s going to go.

Ho ho ho he’s going to go.

Up on the house top trip, trip, trip,

Bet you a dollar he is going to slip!


I will add more later 

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I am on at last! BB and I are going to have to use the same account for now, so it may be slightly confusing. I will use bold when I am posting. BB wants a go now so I have to stop. From Gem

Hi, I’m BB and I am awesome (hardly). My Wonderful sister G (It’s Gem) is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From BB


P.P.S: She kept correcting minegem-bluebb-xxx