Gem’s Stories

Gem’s Stories!

Hi, guys!

This is my page where I will post some of my writing!

Hope you like it.

From Gem

Rosie the Cow

This is a story I wrote some time ago. I mentioned it in my post ‘Our Turns!!!’ on the subject ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Hope you like it!

Rosie was a cow. A big black and white cow with spots all over her. She lived in a lovely paddock with her two best friends, Lily and Poppy. Every day Rosie’s owner, Maybelle came to visit her with a shiny silver pail filled with treats for the three cows.

When Rosie was a calf the pail had held milk. She’d loved the delicious warmth that flowed through her body as she drank. When she was a bit older the milk was replaced by meal. Rosie had been sure to always lick away every last crumb.

Now, Maybelle fed them leftover scraps such as potato and carrot peels and old apples. Rosie loved watching the shiny pail swinging from Maybelle’s arm every day. It made her stomach grumble!

One day when Maybelle came to the paddock with the pail swinging from her arm Rosie noticed that it was empty. Sadness clawed at her insides.

“MOOO!” she said. “I’m hungry.”

The pail still held nothing. Her friends were sad too. Heads drooping and tails still, they slowly walked away from Maybelle.

Then Maybelle called them back.

“Wait! I have food. It’s in this sack!”

She pulled out a huge sack bursting with delicious treats and tipped them into the pail for the cows to eat. They rushed back and devoured it all.

And they lived happily ever after!

On the Island

“Did you see her on the island, William?” I asked.


“Of course I did!”

My big brother gave me his cheeky lopsided grin.

“What did she do this time?”

“She’d lost her tap-dancing penguin.”

He pretended to waddle. I clapped with delight.

“Go on!”

“She came to the beach one day when I was swimming. All of her animals were there: the dog who reads the newspaper, her canary with an afro, her penguin and the singing donkey! They went for a walk along the sand.

As usual, she wore that huge floppy yellow sunhat with the apple on top and the polka-dot pants. I don’t think she saw me. She was very deep in conversation with the donkey. He must’ve been very angry because he stomped his hoof, but she was smiling away as she always does.

I carried on swimming, but every so often I would peek over the waves to look at them. They were now building a sandcastle. It wasn’t very big because the dog kept digging it up by accident and the donkey kept sitting on it. The canary and the penguin were arguing about who had put the most sand onto it. The cacophony was deafening, and it was starting to annoy me so I decided to go home.

Alas, as I walked past the lady and her animals she finally noticed me.

“You!” she pointed at me with one of her long, bony fingers. “You have stolen my penguin.”

“Your penguin?” I asked and looked over at the remains of the sandcastle and to my horror; there was a very smug looking dog, canary and donkey, but no penguin.

“Yes,” she explained to me like my brain was mush. “MY penguin that YOU stole. Give him back or you shall have to replace him.”

“I didn’t steal your penguin,” I said.

“You must have. He was here until you came by. Bring him back.”

“I can’t bring him back.”

“You have to.”

Just then I noticed that her canary was laughing. It was he who had stolen the penguin!

I pointed to him. “Madame, I think your canary knows where he is.”

“Nonsense! My canary is a nice bird. He wouldn’t do that because I take his afro off him and he hates that.”

I looked again at the Canary, sitting there singing on her finger, and my thoughts were shifted. He seemed such a nice fella!”

It was here that I interrupted my brother.

“But it was the canary, right William?”

He grinned and put up his hand to silence me so that he could continue.

“The only other people that could have stolen the Penguin were the dog, the donkey and the lady. I doubted that it was the lady because she seemed so concerned for him.

So it had to be the dog or the donkey. They had given up on their sandcastle by now. The dog’s paws were incredibly dirty and the donkey was just sitting right in front of where the sandcastle had been so I couldn’t see it.

I moved around to see the remnants of their creation. But alas, the donkey moved too. As he moved I caught a flash of black from behind him. They had to be hiding something!

“It was them!” I told the lady.

“Really?” she asked and beckoned for the donkey to move.

He did, and behind him was not the penguin I had been hoping for, but a giant cake covered in bits of sand. I groaned.

The sun was beginning to set out at sea. We all turned our heads to watch. Just then, I saw a glimpse of black in the water, but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself again, so I kept quiet.

We were just about to head back up the beach when, to our greatest astonishment a shiny, wet, tap-dancing penguin started waddling up the shore.

“You should all come for a swim tomorrow,” he said. “It was very pleasant!” ”

“What a naughty penguin!” I exclaimed as William finished. “He shouldn’t go swimming without telling the lady!”

William just gave me another cheeky, lopsided grin.