5 Things you don’t know about me.

This weeks theme is as the title says “5 Things you don’t know about me.”
It means I yet have another excuse to make a list 🙂
(I like to make lists that should be number 1)

  1. I Love to make lists, Its an easy way to get the message across to the person reading because you can write out your items then list them in order of importance.
  2. I Like to spend time with little kids as I would like to be a preschool teacher if I can’t be a dancer teacher or……
  3. A Flight Stewart for the NZ Air Force, I mean free flights all over the globe!, work 1/2 the year and get paid for a hole year! This would be awesome!
  4. I still spend a lot of time playing with teddy’s and dolls, playing dress up and making huts.
  5. I read A LOT of books in real life and online with eBooks and on watt-pad cos I’ve exhausted the locale library’s.    (I am a very fast reader)

SO whats your little thing that even some of your closer friends don’t know about you?.
Remember please don’t be a silent reader, leave a comment or like this post.  We will respond so don’t be afraid to ask.  If you have any them ideas or just want to say hi that would make our day!




BB’s backpack:

Um… what do I write.

I take the normal things such as tolietrees (can’t spell it and auto correct only came up with singletrees). I took earplugs to Jamboree to block snorers and worse.

To those who have read Gems post, Charles and I are not that bad (tried to think of the worst boy names for my brother). Gem definitely exaggerated the extremes she would go to so she didn’t have to share a tent. Mum and Dad don’t even want her to.


Gem’s Travel List

Hi guys,

I usually just pack the normal stuff, clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries and so on. I don’t do anything special, except I sometimes overpack.

When our family goes camping(which we do a lot, especially in Summer) we load our car up until it’s bursting and hook our trailer tent on the back. Our trailer tent is pretty cool. When it’s on the trailer it’s quite compact, but then we put it up and it’s big enough for the whole family to sleep in.

Even though there is the room I set up my little one man tent and sleep in that. It means I can get away from my little brother and sister! I think that hitting my head on the roof of the tent when I sit up is a good price to pay to have my own lodgings.

On long car trips, our car is usually bursting. We bring lot’s of games and books with us on top of all our gear. Recently we’ve found that it’s good to have a map of the region so that we have an idea of where we are. I took one down to Jamboree and the girl next to me on the bus kept wanting to look at it. My map is now way more crumpled than BB’s.

Hopefully this has been useful!


School holidays

So I have no idea what the subject for this week’s post is, so I’ll just improvise….. Well, it’s school holidays, but I can’t believe they are nearly over! It’s feels like only yesterday I was getting off the bus preparing in my mind a list of all the things I’m gonna do in the holidays (I didn’t actually get anything done though), *sad sigh*  I wish the holidays were longer, two weeks go by sooo fast, sadly, and at times like this the saying ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ seems so true

I have writer’s block at the moment and can not think of anything at all to write so I guess I’ll just sign off now….

Anyway thanks for reading, so sorry it’s so short…

Lottie 1

Stuff I haul with me

My family doesn’t go away that often because of the horses but when we do we go on our boat. If you drive over the Auckland Harbour Bridge and look towards Bayswater Marina right on the corner is our lil 38″ catamaran Beduina. Its bright yellow. Can’t miss it.

images (28)

This photo’s from when it was with it’s old owners. Haven’t been to that paradise yet.

We normally go away about 3 days so apart from all you ordinary necessities I also bring:

  • Many pairs of pants cause we sit on the front and get splashed. Or fall off the boat. 😂😂 Has happened to certain people.
  • Sunglasses because the boat is so blindingly white. Its like I will attack your innocent eyes. Bit like me when I send someone a picture of my face.
  • Books for the many hours my dad and brother spend fishing. (And catch nothing)
  • All our food because there’s no where to eat out
  • Togs cause you’know. Its a boat.

And I think that’s about it.

Until next time my friends

^ (Anyone else think that’s a bit creepy)

sophie 1

What I Take…

I was supposed to go skiing with my mum and sister this week but the weather has caved in on us so we had to cancel, luckily mum hadn’t yet made the bookings!

This week we are supposed to tell all about the things we take with us on vacation, and as I don’t have a phone yet please don’t be all, “You forgot your phone, How could you!!”.
I’m not aloud one in till I’m 16, that is if dad upgrades his phone with out wrecking his last one.

Anyways… I always make a packing list, This way I won’t forget anything and it saves me from running all over the house in search of 1 item.

I always use small packing cells for the different items, this makes it easy for me to find things in a big bag when in a rush (I often am)

Here is my list for when we go skiing;

In a Small packing cell;

5 undies, 3 bra’s, tissues, a belt, 4 plastic bags for wet gear, 10 pairs of socks.

In a medium packing cell;

4 shirts 1 tank top

In a medium packing cell:

4 bottoms (normally long pants)

In a extra large packing cell;

ski suit (jacket and pants), gloves, warm hat, ski socks and a balaclava.

In their own bags;

Helmet, Ski boots and Skis.

In Backpack;

Woffie (my sleep toy), books, the family tablet, my diary and some felt tip pens.

I then shove this all in a big bag and call it ‘done’.

OK that’s my list, what do you take on vacation?

If you could bring anything with you what would it be?



Gem’s Regrets

Hiya all,

One of my regrets is back when I was six and we had a fancy hair day at my school. Mum had done up my hair nicely, with lots of flowers. I was very happy with that. At the time our school had a hand bell and students walked up and down the path dinging it. I’d always thought it looked fun.

One of the teachers saw my hair and liked it. She was just about to ring the bell for the end of lunch, but she decided to ask me to ring it. The six year old me was way too shy to accept, so I shook my head and ran off and one of the big kids ended up ringing the bell.

For quite a while after that I wished I had had the courage to ring the bell.

Another regret I have is not starting Keas (the younger version of scouts)earlier. I could have, but I had a huge tantrum about not doing it. I started about a year after that, just before my sister started. I think that if I had known how fun it would be I would have joined.




The biggest thing I regret, at least recently, would be not enjoying being a little kid. One that goes to preschool, and plays with Barbie’s and stuff that is now frowned upon for someone of my age. Now I know this what someone 30 years older than me in the middle of a mid life crisis would be saying, but I miss having no worries, no homework, no stressing over what you eat, or your exams, or just everything else that comes with being a dreaded teenager. When I was little I hounded my parents for treating me like a little kid, and wanted more responsibilities. Yes I know I was a strange kid… Oh well what’s done is done

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the school holidays, I know I am. Have fun!

See ya

Lottie 1



If I could go Back….

After consulting the new spreadsheet that Gem and Amelia made, I found that this week’s theme is Regrets. (Things that we would go back in time to change).

Mine is something I know no one could have done something about.

My story starts back when I was just leaving play centre (our kindergarten) One of my best friends that I would spend a lot of time with. She was quite a healthy person until she got cancer at about 5 ish years ago from now she battled cancer for 4 WHOLE Years!

She passed away last year at about this time of year leaving a hole in all our hearts. ( The ones that knew her)

I wish I could have at least have gone back to tell her that she has cancer and she should get some chemotherapy now before it grows any bigger and they can’t do much about it.

Ok, that’s enough about that it’s making me cry….   😦