Random stuff about this person

Sooooo… 5 things you don’t know about me. Mostly I just looked around my bedroom at stuff and then made it in to a fact. I’m creative. (Should I count that as a fact)

1. I have a whole wall covered entirely with horse posters. I have 24 posters and I get 4 from the magazine each year. Yup. I’m proud.

2. I don’t like to wear make up cause its so annoying to keep looking decent and it feels so ew

3. I never do my homework in the afternoon. I always wake up early the next morning to do it. And then I sleep through my alarm.

4. Pianos annoy me. Not listening to them just playing then. They just seem to have no structure whatsoever and there’s so many keys you could play. I mean that might just be me and my delusions but eh

5. I love speed! Hopefully I can go on these drift karts maybe as a late birthday thing but they look awesome and when the nitro circus came to NZ they not only went on them once but 4 times!

So there you have it. 5 kinda boring facts about me. If I was talking to your face I would probably give you an awkward thumbs up. Haha

Until next time my friends

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Stuff I haul with me

My family doesn’t go away that often because of the horses but when we do we go on our boat. If you drive over the Auckland Harbour Bridge and look towards Bayswater Marina right on the corner is our lil 38″ catamaran Beduina. Its bright yellow. Can’t miss it.

images (28)

This photo’s from when it was with it’s old owners. Haven’t been to that paradise yet.

We normally go away about 3 days so apart from all you ordinary necessities I also bring:

  • Many pairs of pants cause we sit on the front and get splashed. Or fall off the boat. 😂😂 Has happened to certain people.
  • Sunglasses because the boat is so blindingly white. Its like I will attack your innocent eyes. Bit like me when I send someone a picture of my face.
  • Books for the many hours my dad and brother spend fishing. (And catch nothing)
  • All our food because there’s no where to eat out
  • Togs cause you’know. Its a boat.

And I think that’s about it.

Until next time my friends

^ (Anyone else think that’s a bit creepy)

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Sophie’s Favourite Word!

Hey guys! It’s my first time posting here so hopefully I do a decent job!

Since I’ve never really thought about this I decided to consult a trusty friend (Google) and found this.

Image result for cool words

Not exactly what I was looking for.

After half an hour I finally thought of a word.


I chose this word because I’m musical and specifically a drummer. Rhythm is obviously a huge thing in music to fit instruments together and make a song that sounds good. Also because so many things are in rhythm like heart beats and breathing and waves.

Hope you guys liked my first blog post!

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