Bad habits…

So I apologise in advance, this week’s post will be short, (per usual) but hopefully you find it interesting?

Theme of the week: Bad habits

I have several bad habits including…

1. When I am nervous or excited , I talk really fast, likereallyfast, so no one can actually understand me (Oops)

2. I have a very short attention span, so unless something interesting is happening, I will most likely be doodling or drawing in something

3. I am the most clumsy person you will ever meet, and that is actually not exaggerating, my friend and I have a competition in Art that whoever doesn’t get paint on them wins (I frequently lose)

4. Well this is getting harder thinking up stuff soooo, I guess my next bad habit would have to be, I’m not sure actually…

Oh well that will have to be enough, sorry I didn’t post last week, had a huge competition at school, didn’t get home til 10! So have a good rest of the week!

Au revoir

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Blinking away the week

How is it Wednesday again? I swear I blinked and a week went by… Anyway, this week’s theme was a before and after, and as I cannot think of anything to do with that I will pretend I did not know it.

I need suggestions on topics guys! It’s hard to write! Especially weekly! Please comment suggestions! I am in dire need!

I guess I will sign off now, save us all from dying from boredom… (Again, I am so sorry it’s so short this week)


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Ugh, so it’s Wednesday again, and it’s time to post.  I have no idea what to write so… I’ll just make this short and sweet.

Ok so I desperately need to start asking what the new topics are each week, this is kinda hard without it, anyway….. Yup, still got no idea what to write, this is gonna be fun…

So… You know what? I’m just going to sign off now before I bore all you readers to death- A win-win situation

Have an awesome rest of the week…

So sorry this is so short,

Lottie 1

A day in the life of me…

This week’s topic is day in the life of me, so here we go…

1. I wake up, usually around 5(ish)

2. Realise what time it is after flaying my arms about trying to find my phone, exasperatingly sigh, and go back to sleep

3. Realise I overslept and jump out of bed

4. Chuck on school uniform, brush teeth, pack backpack, throw on shoes, and run out door hoping I haven’t missed the bus

5. Spend a very boring bus ride playing on my phone for like 30 minutes

6. Go to school, drag myself through 6 HOURS OF SCHOOL ( i don’t even know how I manage it either) and sit back on the bus after sprinting from my class to the bus bay ( I swear this is my daily exercise) and spend another 40 minutes sitting next to a stranger trying to work up the nerve to say hi, before giving up and listening to music

7. Homework (need I explain the sorrow this brings?)

8. Collapse on my bed, look around my room before deciding that ‘Nope, not cleaning it, I’ll leave it for the weekend’

9. Do stuff for couple hours till dinners ready

10. Dinner

11. Tv (aka sit sprawled on couch pretending to be listening)

12. “Bed” aka going on phone for hour and a half

13. Sleep

14. Rinse and repeat…

And that was a normal day in the life of me trying to get through school without falling asleep in class!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Things you probably don’t know about me….

So the theme of the week is things you dont know about me, and I have no clue what to write for that, so here we go…

1. I speak French (not fluently but enough to have a conversation)

2. I have impeccable timing for injuries, for example: falling off a stage, ending up in a moonboot, one day before school holidays, which healed the day before I went back to school the following fortnight

3. I also have two lambs named Squidge and Aries, who are 3 weeks (2?) old

So sorry, but I’m absolutely knackered and can’t think of anything at the moment, I (hopefully) will post more next week…

Til next time

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School holidays

So I have no idea what the subject for this week’s post is, so I’ll just improvise….. Well, it’s school holidays, but I can’t believe they are nearly over! It’s feels like only yesterday I was getting off the bus preparing in my mind a list of all the things I’m gonna do in the holidays (I didn’t actually get anything done though), *sad sigh*  I wish the holidays were longer, two weeks go by sooo fast, sadly, and at times like this the saying ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ seems so true

I have writer’s block at the moment and can not think of anything at all to write so I guess I’ll just sign off now….

Anyway thanks for reading, so sorry it’s so short…

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The biggest thing I regret, at least recently, would be not enjoying being a little kid. One that goes to preschool, and plays with Barbie’s and stuff that is now frowned upon for someone of my age. Now I know this what someone 30 years older than me in the middle of a mid life crisis would be saying, but I miss having no worries, no homework, no stressing over what you eat, or your exams, or just everything else that comes with being a dreaded teenager. When I was little I hounded my parents for treating me like a little kid, and wanted more responsibilities. Yes I know I was a strange kid… Oh well what’s done is done

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the school holidays, I know I am. Have fun!

See ya

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Why Winter?

Winter has finally arrived and won’t let us forget it. I can’t believe I have to suffer through 2 more months of cold and wet and wind… I miss the sun ⛅ Alas, I must trudge through.

So anyway, the theme for this week is…

What do we do when it’s wet outside?

To answer honestly, I don’t do anything at all, at least, nothing productive anyway. I bring a dozen blankets, duvets and pillows into the lounge and take control of the remote for the tv, and binge watch Netflix all day. It’s actually quite pleasant to have a day that is just for cruising and sleeping. But of course, what else is there to do? Homework? Housework?

Of course, on the rare occasion (like when the wifi stops working) I will do the dreaded housework and homework, but otherwise, that is where you will find me, curled up in a nest of blankets with a cup of steaming coffee

Anyway, how do you spend your rainy days?

Thanks for reading!

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Food Glorious Food

This week’s marvelous theme is food. Dislikes, likes, favourites, allergies, the whole thing. So I will be writing a list of my favorite and nonfavorite (I’m sure that’s a word) food lists (In no specific order)

First up is………


1. Spaghetti (out of a can), I’m sorry but I have never, and will never like this

2. Chocolate Yoghurt (It just isn’t chocolate 🍫)

3. Ginger (Blah)

4. Wasabi peas (after someone gave me one as a child, I will always be traumatized)

5.  And last but certainly not least, Parsley! (Horrible in scrambled eggs, but it smells nice)

And now for my……


1. CHOCOLATE!!!!! The best food ever

2. Coffee (yes, not technically a food that you can eat but….) 

3. Cinnamon! (Delicious on pancakes)

4. Greek yoghurt (Really good with banana and a squirt of honey) 

5. Popcorn, the cinema type is delicious

6. Last one I promise, Brownie! With chocolate chips and ice cream is the only way to have it!🍦

Well thanks for reading, is any of your favorite (or nonfavorite) foods on this list?

See ya

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