My Room (and other stuff)

This weeks theme is quite hard and it does put me in a bit no a LOT of trouble because it is “before and after” and I was going to take a photo of my room when messy and when clean but then mum mum pointed out that if I was to do that It would mean I would have to upload photos off my camera or mum’s phone of which both could be traced so thats a no go….
I thought about it for a while and came up with the saying,
“A picture paints a thousand words”
This becoming an idea that looks like this…

I’ll use a thousand (more or less) words to describe my room!

But then thats going to take up way to much time and space so I’ve put this on my page.

I’ve gotta go pack for a Scout/Gangshow camp now I’ll tell you all about it later!



A day in the life of me.

Sadly I don’t know anyway that I can make this into a list, So I’ll have to do it the long-winded way…

I usually wake up at about 7:30 ish (Home schooled remember?)
I then have a fast and simple breakfast of fruit toast with butter and my antihistamine tablet that I have to take for my hay-fever.
By then Charlotte, Mum and dad will be up so I spend some time on my PC, normally I wright a post or read books on Wattpad in-till mum tells us to start our school work.
(We usually start with Maths)
Most days we finish our school work by lunch-time this way we have the rest of the day off!  And in the afternoons we have scouts or other activities.
Our bed time is 9pm but sometimes we watch a movie with dad or are working on some project so we stay up later.

And that’s it!, If you have any theme suggestions or if you have any questions about anything just feel free to ask in the comments 🙂
Till next time…



P.S. This is our logo at the moment do you like it?, Any suggestions for change on the ‘looks’ of this website?.



5 Things you don’t know about me.

This weeks theme is as the title says “5 Things you don’t know about me.”
It means I yet have another excuse to make a list 🙂
(I like to make lists that should be number 1)

  1. I Love to make lists, Its an easy way to get the message across to the person reading because you can write out your items then list them in order of importance.
  2. I Like to spend time with little kids as I would like to be a preschool teacher if I can’t be a dancer teacher or……
  3. A Flight Stewart for the NZ Air Force, I mean free flights all over the globe!, work 1/2 the year and get paid for a hole year! This would be awesome!
  4. I still spend a lot of time playing with teddy’s and dolls, playing dress up and making huts.
  5. I read A LOT of books in real life and online with eBooks and on watt-pad cos I’ve exhausted the locale library’s.    (I am a very fast reader)

SO whats your little thing that even some of your closer friends don’t know about you?.
Remember please don’t be a silent reader, leave a comment or like this post.  We will respond so don’t be afraid to ask.  If you have any them ideas or just want to say hi that would make our day!




What I Take…

I was supposed to go skiing with my mum and sister this week but the weather has caved in on us so we had to cancel, luckily mum hadn’t yet made the bookings!

This week we are supposed to tell all about the things we take with us on vacation, and as I don’t have a phone yet please don’t be all, “You forgot your phone, How could you!!”.
I’m not aloud one in till I’m 16, that is if dad upgrades his phone with out wrecking his last one.

Anyways… I always make a packing list, This way I won’t forget anything and it saves me from running all over the house in search of 1 item.

I always use small packing cells for the different items, this makes it easy for me to find things in a big bag when in a rush (I often am)

Here is my list for when we go skiing;

In a Small packing cell;

5 undies, 3 bra’s, tissues, a belt, 4 plastic bags for wet gear, 10 pairs of socks.

In a medium packing cell;

4 shirts 1 tank top

In a medium packing cell:

4 bottoms (normally long pants)

In a extra large packing cell;

ski suit (jacket and pants), gloves, warm hat, ski socks and a balaclava.

In their own bags;

Helmet, Ski boots and Skis.

In Backpack;

Woffie (my sleep toy), books, the family tablet, my diary and some felt tip pens.

I then shove this all in a big bag and call it ‘done’.

OK that’s my list, what do you take on vacation?

If you could bring anything with you what would it be?



If I could go Back….

After consulting the new spreadsheet that Gem and Amelia made, I found that this week’s theme is Regrets. (Things that we would go back in time to change).

Mine is something I know no one could have done something about.

My story starts back when I was just leaving play centre (our kindergarten) One of my best friends that I would spend a lot of time with. She was quite a healthy person until she got cancer at about 5 ish years ago from now she battled cancer for 4 WHOLE Years!

She passed away last year at about this time of year leaving a hole in all our hearts. ( The ones that knew her)

I wish I could have at least have gone back to tell her that she has cancer and she should get some chemotherapy now before it grows any bigger and they can’t do much about it.

Ok, that’s enough about that it’s making me cry….   😦



Wet weather Here I come!

Lately we have been having a LOT of wet weather and according to the weather forecast we won’t have any shortage of rain this week!

I won’t be like an old person and ramble on about the weather like my grandma does, but this is why we are doing this…

I ran out of ideas for this weeks them so I asked my Mum what she thought we should do and she said, “well how about something with what you like to do in the bad weather?” I told her that I couldn’t possibly “Post about the weather, that’s old people stuff” and she told me off for being “against the weather”.    Just then a snarky little comment popped into my head. I did consider if I should say it but I thought that it would be better off if I did not say that I’m more like “with the weather” cos where else would I be,? Mars?!.

( I don’t think this will make much sense but whatever.)

The point of all that rambling is that this is what I like to do when it buckets down. (It can Rain lots in NZ so we have lots of different ways of saying it rained)

I like to put on old clothes and run about in the rain or jump on the trampoline this is exceptionally dangerous for us as our trampoline doesn’t have any netting cos it’s a sport’s trampoline and is made for indoors, but that just means that it’s more bouncy!

When I was little I would ride my bike through all the puddles in our driveway thus coming back inside shivering and very muddy with mud and small stones in my hair!

What do you like to do when it’s raining?



My kind of food!

OK this week’s theme is the foods we like and the ones we don’t.

I am open to quite a lot of foods but my faves have to be anything with sugar in it, and Mexican food. (Give me a tortilla anytime!)

I have quite a big list of foods that I don’t like, not big foods just small things that just happen to be in quite a lot of foods.   Hears my list……

  • Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Strong chilli
  • Sweet chilli
  • Too much garlic (you’ll see why soon)
  • Wasabi
  • To much egg (I was allergic to it when I was little)

Oh, and there was something else….

Sweet and Sour Pork.

I HATE this dish because last time my family was in Rotorua NZ we had this very garlic y Chinese takeaways and I had the stomach bug but the last thing I ate before I was really sick was the sweet and sour pork. (I haven’t eaten any since and don’t plan to!)



LoL Rabbit’s

If you just read that crazy title, then you should be wondering what on earth I am about to ramble on about (cos that’s what I do).

I think that it will make more sense if you know that this weeks theme is.

“If you google search…” make more sense now? no? OK well, I’ll continue anyways.  🙂

OK so how mine works is simple, you Just google “LoL Rabbit’s” and this is some of the things that come up…

Image result for LoL rabbits

Image result for LoL rabbits

Related image

Image result for LoL rabbits

There are lots more but you’ll have to google it yourself 🙂

I have lots to do and scout work to get finished, so I’ll post more for you later…..





What’s up with this “Camp”?

That’s what I think anybody reading this would be thinking…..

“Camp” was this weekend for our local Scout troop, which some of us are in.

As we have a lot of new kids we spent a lot of time getting them used to some of our ‘ways’, and getting them to calm down and listen!  (ahem, you know who you are….)       All of us Girls slept in the dining hall, we lined up with the noisy ones by the door.     😉

Some of the things we did was,

  • Campfires – we have been doing this for a while now, I could do this in my sleep.
  • Cooking lunch over the camp fires – OK same here, but remember to at least try to stay out of the smoke!
  • Cutting down dead trees – Summer’s Dad used a chainsaw and rope attached to a truck to get this huge tree down, only for it to fall on the driveway. We had to ‘tug of war’ it off the driveway…
  • Planting around the banks – I wasn’t actually around for this…
  • Fixing the fireplaces with a concert – again I wasn’t there for that…
  • Weeding around already planted trees – Try not to pull the plants out with the weeds.

Us girls also spent a lot of time talking and hanging out in our space while also trying to get a move on or get to sleep. (Again you know who you are….)