Apparently I have to post….

So I’ve not been felling to well so I’ve given my sister (Tiffany) some things that you may or may knot know about me.

Hey Tiffany here,

I was told that if I wanted a post by ‘her’ then I would have to type it myself. So here I am doing just that. She didn’t really give me much to type/wright about so I’ll just use her five ish things……   (in a list of coarse)

  • Poppy and Clover 
  • Princess Blossom
  • Cheeky Chubby Chops
  • K.C. 
  • Kauri 
  • Tiara Tea-tree (or just Tiara)
  • Cookie 
  • 8 This is the number of rabbits that we own (as above)
  • I’m Horse CRAZY, oh wait you already know that…
  • I hate brussel sprouts, doesn’t everybody? 

And that’s her list I’ll try and get her to ‘post’ more often 🙂



Oh and,




Hey people!, Its me again.

Hey people!,

Its me again, and I’m busy today but I’m going to wright this just to get under mum’s skin.

So today we have “Gang show camp” and before you talk to your screen (like I’ve seen my dad do lots) This is Not a Gang  so don’t worry about me (that’s just its name), but you can’t cos you don’t know me that well anyways…..

Well apart form that I love Horses and Pony’s (but their not the same thing) and I Like to annoy my sis Tiffany and my ‘rents so ya….

Again I don’t even have a subject to Wright about like Tiffany told me to do, but then shes not the boss of me (just like in most story’s)  LOL 🙂

Have you noticed that “LOL” is aparenty miss spelled?, a bit like when you put ‘dont’ it doesn’t come up with ‘don’t’ which I don’t get.

But just to finish this bit off I’ll put this here….

Image result for that moment when you spell a word so wrong that googles like i got nothing man

I find this so funny,

Oh I should go back to what I was talking / typing about…..

SO “Gang Show” is a production that some scouts can do after they do the ‘Auditions’ just like a school play but we have 10 shows and is mostly song and dance.

We get to go to two camps (did you see the ‘to’s?) and meet lots of nice people and  have a good time 🙂

Well now we are off to shop for ski gear for this upcoming ski season yay! I can’t wait!


PS. Sorry about some of my spelling and Grammar I’m still lurning this stuff and blogging is new to me 🙂


What Annoys Me….

I get very annoyed when I’m driving along and some one says “oh look a pony!”,

when they are actually pointing to a horse!.

Instead of typing away for hours (Witch I could), I’m going to put up some photos that I found on google.

But first this funny thing,  (THIS IS NOT TRUE!).

Image result for whats the difrance between a housre and a pony

The brown one is a HORSE and the mixed colour one is a PONY.

Image result for whats the difrance between a housre and a pony

This is a Small Horse and a Large pony.

Image result for whats the difrance between a housre and a pony

This is a PONY and a FOAL.  (baby pony or horse)

Image result for whats the difrance between a housre and a pony

If you are into pony’s and horses then you will know that there colours have other names, But I didn’t use them so not to confuse you.         🙂


Now you’ll never call a horse a pony, (hopefully).




Hay ya,

I’m Charlotte and I’m (at the moment) Camping with my sister (Tiffany) and our mum and dad.

We have been all over the south Island, mostly Christchurch, Hammer Springs and other places which names I have forgotten….

The one thing I wanted to do is horse riding and we have not found a nice place to do it yet and we are on the last day ( “Yes!!”, says Tiffany ).

Tomorrow we drive up to Piton for the inter islander fairy trip over to the north island, Then drop dad off at the Airport and slowly head back home ….