Gem’s Would you Rather…

  1. Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself?
    For anyone but myself. I think it would be more useful and seeing your own future would be annoying  
  2. Would you rather never use social media sites / apps again or never watch another movie or TV show?
    I would rather never to watch another movie or TV show because social media can be more useful
  3. Would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day? This is a hard one. I think I’d probably rather fly for a day because it would be incredible
  4. Would you rather be transported permanently 500 years into the future or 500 years into the past?
    500 years into the past because I love history!!!
  5. Would you rather never be able to use a touchscreen or never be able to use a keyboard and mouse?
    Never be able to a touchscreen. I prefer using a keyboard and mouse because I find it easier to operate 
  6. Would you rather be able to control fire or water?
    This is also hard. I hate fire and would love to have control over it, and I love water. I think I might go for water because I could use it to control fire. 
  7. Would you rather have unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life? (both are amazingly delicious and can be any type you want)
    Unlimited sushi. I love sushi and haven’t really eaten many tacos. 
  8. Would you rather have an unlimited international first class ticket or never have to pay for food at restaurants?
    Unlimited international first class ticket (these are usually more expensive and we don’t go to restaurants much) 
  9. Would you rather have a completely automated home or a self-driving car?
    A completely automated home. This could do its own housework and would be good
  10. Would you rather have free Wi-Fi wherever you go or be able to drink unlimited free coffee at any coffee shop?
    I don’t drink coffee so free wifi

Thanks for reading!



Gem’s Bad Habits

I am really sorry for not posting for so long, but I have been very busy.

This weeks topic is, as you may have guessed, bad habits.

I have got quite a few bad habits. Here they are-

The most common one is nail biting. I hate biting my nails, but I do it anyway, I guess out of habit.

I also have a habit of annoying my brother when I’m bored. This one makes my whole family angry at me.

Probably the one I find bad is that when I am walking with people I tend to end up behind, no matter how hard I try to stay in the group.

I also have a habit of sticking to the rules. I have found that I have to stick with them because if I don’t I feel guilty. I am afraid that this has turned me into a bit of a goody-goody sometimes, especially since I usually do well at school.

Do you have any other bad habits that you want to share? Or are your bad habits similar to mine?



Things you don’t know about Gem (yet)

Hi guys, here are some things you probably don’t know yet about me…

  1. I love reading books to my little brother, Charles (even though he is lazy and annoying)
  2. History fascinates me- especially family history
  3. I love sewing and many other types of crafting. I love going to fabric shops- they are my kind of paradise
  4. I sometimes get very shy when it comes to meeting new people(last year a new student came into our class and I was supposed to show her around but I was so nervous that someone else had to do it)
  5. I used to have braces. Once I broke them eating bread and another time eating cake. I only broke them once eating something hard (it was a lolly).

Thanks for reading! Hopefully something was of interest to you!


BB’s backpack:

Um… what do I write.

I take the normal things such as tolietrees (can’t spell it and auto correct only came up with singletrees). I took earplugs to Jamboree to block snorers and worse.

To those who have read Gems post, Charles and I are not that bad (tried to think of the worst boy names for my brother). Gem definitely exaggerated the extremes she would go to so she didn’t have to share a tent. Mum and Dad don’t even want her to.


Gem’s Travel List

Hi guys,

I usually just pack the normal stuff, clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries and so on. I don’t do anything special, except I sometimes overpack.

When our family goes camping(which we do a lot, especially in Summer) we load our car up until it’s bursting and hook our trailer tent on the back. Our trailer tent is pretty cool. When it’s on the trailer it’s quite compact, but then we put it up and it’s big enough for the whole family to sleep in.

Even though there is the room I set up my little one man tent and sleep in that. It means I can get away from my little brother and sister! I think that hitting my head on the roof of the tent when I sit up is a good price to pay to have my own lodgings.

On long car trips, our car is usually bursting. We bring lot’s of games and books with us on top of all our gear. Recently we’ve found that it’s good to have a map of the region so that we have an idea of where we are. I took one down to Jamboree and the girl next to me on the bus kept wanting to look at it. My map is now way more crumpled than BB’s.

Hopefully this has been useful!


Gem’s Regrets

Hiya all,

One of my regrets is back when I was six and we had a fancy hair day at my school. Mum had done up my hair nicely, with lots of flowers. I was very happy with that. At the time our school had a hand bell and students walked up and down the path dinging it. I’d always thought it looked fun.

One of the teachers saw my hair and liked it. She was just about to ring the bell for the end of lunch, but she decided to ask me to ring it. The six year old me was way too shy to accept, so I shook my head and ran off and one of the big kids ended up ringing the bell.

For quite a while after that I wished I had had the courage to ring the bell.

Another regret I have is not starting Keas (the younger version of scouts)earlier. I could have, but I had a huge tantrum about not doing it. I started about a year after that, just before my sister started. I think that if I had known how fun it would be I would have joined.



What Gem Likes to do When it Rains

We’ve had lots of rain this year (more than normal) and our village has been flooded badly 6 times so far. It looks like it will flood again tonight. This winter I have often been lulled to sleep by the pitter-patter of rain on the roof.

On rainy days I like to curl up with a good book or get out my sewing box and make something. Sometimes I might even do some cooking.

When the weather is really bad we get a power cut. This means that everything is dark and scary. If thunder booms or lightning flashes we listen and lift our eyes in delight. In power cuts, we can’t open the fridge and let cold air escape, so dinners are basic, often compiled of food cooked on the fireplace.

In the beginning of August, we get calves that need to be fed at morning and night, rain or shine. If the weather is gloomy we have to put on our heavy raincoats and feed the wet little calves warm milk. Their fur is soaked, but they still wave their tails with pleasure.

As I’ve been writing this, a loud clap of thunder has actually rattled the windows. Outside the skies are releasing bucketloads of rain and the floodwaters have been rising down in the village. The fire is burning bright and I am warm.


Gem’s Foods

I could go on and on with this list, but I have managed to compact it.

Favourite Foods

Carrot Cake- I love both making and eating this delicious, moist cake. What makes it even better is that BB hates it!

Pizza- I love nearly any type, but of all I prefer a wood-fired pizza from our own oven

Stone fruit- In New Zealand the summer fruits are delectable. I try to make the most of them. Yum!

Crusty Flat Bread- This is a type of bread my Mum makes with mashed potatoes. I absolutely love it.

Onion dip- This is a type of dip we make using dried onion soup and reduced cream. It may not sound it, but it is divine.

Least Favourite Foods-

Kumara- This is a New Zealand version of a sweet potato. Some love it, but I hate it.

Blue Vein cheese- There are many types of cheeses I love, but blue vein is disgusting. I hate the look and the taste.

Macaroni and Cheese- This used to be one of my favourite foods, but an unfortunate school camp where I got the vomiting bug and it was my last meal before that has put me off it forever.

Sultanas/Raisins- I think that anyone who likes these is weird.

Thanks for reading!