Gem’s Bad Habits

I am really sorry for not posting for so long, but I have been very busy.

This weeks topic is, as you may have guessed, bad habits.

I have got quite a few bad habits. Here they are-

The most common one is nail biting. I hate biting my nails, but I do it anyway, I guess out of habit.

I also have a habit of annoying my brother when I’m bored. This one makes my whole family angry at me.

Probably the one I find bad is that when I am walking with people I tend to end up behind, no matter how hard I try to stay in the group.

I also have a habit of sticking to the rules. I have found that I have to stick with them because if I don’t I feel guilty. I am afraid that this has turned me into a bit of a goody-goody sometimes, especially since I usually do well at school.

Do you have any other bad habits that you want to share? Or are your bad habits similar to mine?




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