A day in the life of me…

This week’s topic is day in the life of me, so here we go…

1. I wake up, usually around 5(ish)

2. Realise what time it is after flaying my arms about trying to find my phone, exasperatingly sigh, and go back to sleep

3. Realise I overslept and jump out of bed

4. Chuck on school uniform, brush teeth, pack backpack, throw on shoes, and run out door hoping I haven’t missed the bus

5. Spend a very boring bus ride playing on my phone for like 30 minutes

6. Go to school, drag myself through 6 HOURS OF SCHOOL ( i don’t even know how I manage it either) and sit back on the bus after sprinting from my class to the bus bay ( I swear this is my daily exercise) and spend another 40 minutes sitting next to a stranger trying to work up the nerve to say hi, before giving up and listening to music

7. Homework (need I explain the sorrow this brings?)

8. Collapse on my bed, look around my room before deciding that ‘Nope, not cleaning it, I’ll leave it for the weekend’

9. Do stuff for couple hours till dinners ready

10. Dinner

11. Tv (aka sit sprawled on couch pretending to be listening)

12. “Bed” aka going on phone for hour and a half

13. Sleep

14. Rinse and repeat…

And that was a normal day in the life of me trying to get through school without falling asleep in class!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Lottie 1



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