Apparently I have to post….

So I’ve not been felling to well so I’ve given my sister (Tiffany) some things that you may or may knot know about me.

Hey Tiffany here,

I was told that if I wanted a post by ‘her’ then I would have to type it myself. So here I am doing just that. She didn’t really give me much to type/wright about so I’ll just use her five ish things……   (in a list of coarse)

  • Poppy and Clover 
  • Princess Blossom
  • Cheeky Chubby Chops
  • K.C. 
  • Kauri 
  • Tiara Tea-tree (or just Tiara)
  • Cookie 
  • 8 This is the number of rabbits that we own (as above)
  • I’m Horse CRAZY, oh wait you already know that…
  • I hate brussel sprouts, doesn’t everybody? 

And that’s her list I’ll try and get her to ‘post’ more often 🙂



Oh and,




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