Gem’s Regrets

Hiya all,

One of my regrets is back when I was six and we had a fancy hair day at my school. Mum had done up my hair nicely, with lots of flowers. I was very happy with that. At the time our school had a hand bell and students walked up and down the path dinging it. I’d always thought it looked fun.

One of the teachers saw my hair and liked it. She was just about to ring the bell for the end of lunch, but she decided to ask me to ring it. The six year old me was way too shy to accept, so I shook my head and ran off and one of the big kids ended up ringing the bell.

For quite a while after that I wished I had had the courage to ring the bell.

Another regret I have is not starting Keas (the younger version of scouts)earlier. I could have, but I had a huge tantrum about not doing it. I started about a year after that, just before my sister started. I think that if I had known how fun it would be I would have joined.




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