What Gem Likes to do When it Rains

We’ve had lots of rain this year (more than normal) and our village has been flooded badly 6 times so far. It looks like it will flood again tonight. This winter I have often been lulled to sleep by the pitter-patter of rain on the roof.

On rainy days I like to curl up with a good book or get out my sewing box and make something. Sometimes I might even do some cooking.

When the weather is really bad we get a power cut. This means that everything is dark and scary. If thunder booms or lightning flashes we listen and lift our eyes in delight. In power cuts, we can’t open the fridge and let cold air escape, so dinners are basic, often compiled of food cooked on the fireplace.

In the beginning of August, we get calves that need to be fed at morning and night, rain or shine. If the weather is gloomy we have to put on our heavy raincoats and feed the wet little calves warm milk. Their fur is soaked, but they still wave their tails with pleasure.

As I’ve been writing this, a loud clap of thunder has actually rattled the windows. Outside the skies are releasing bucketloads of rain and the floodwaters have been rising down in the village. The fire is burning bright and I am warm.



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