Gem’s Foods

I could go on and on with this list, but I have managed to compact it.

Favourite Foods

Carrot Cake- I love both making and eating this delicious, moist cake. What makes it even better is that BB hates it!

Pizza- I love nearly any type, but of all I prefer a wood-fired pizza from our own oven

Stone fruit- In New Zealand the summer fruits are delectable. I try to make the most of them. Yum!

Crusty Flat Bread- This is a type of bread my Mum makes with mashed potatoes. I absolutely love it.

Onion dip- This is a type of dip we make using dried onion soup and reduced cream. It may not sound it, but it is divine.

Least Favourite Foods-

Kumara- This is a New Zealand version of a sweet potato. Some love it, but I hate it.

Blue Vein cheese- There are many types of cheeses I love, but blue vein is disgusting. I hate the look and the taste.

Macaroni and Cheese- This used to be one of my favourite foods, but an unfortunate school camp where I got the vomiting bug and it was my last meal before that has put me off it forever.

Sultanas/Raisins- I think that anyone who likes these is weird.

Thanks for reading!



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